chronic & tubbs

Demographic: Ages 21 to 45

Duration: 3 to 5 minutes

Setting: Studio/Show location specific

Log line

It’s more than jokes, it’s culture.


Follows the lives of Atlanta Comedians, Ronnie Jordan and Tyler Chronicles as well and their crew of creatives producing a reality digital unscripted series.


Establish a multi-medium platform with a unique and exclusive account of rising comedians; profiling their multifaceted journey into stardom. Through hilariously visceral storytelling, the content will showcase their lives, ups and downs of being on tour and the crew that makes it all happen.

breaking down the segments

1) Stand Up — (1 to 2.5 minutes )

Clips of stand up comedy routine from various shows ranging from college, theatre, and pop up shows.

2) Social interaction — (1 minutes 30 seconds)

Focuses on interaction with fans, questionnaires and random outtakes.

3) VLOGS — (2 to 4 minutes)

A creative collage of their travels, from behind the scenes, onstage, family, friends, celebrities and famous comedians.

Digital Capital/Reach

Ronnie Jordan’s audience

tyler chronicles’s audience