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“more than cultr”

A Digital Variety Show

Demographic: 25 - 34 

Length: 2 - 4 minutes episode'

Setting: Studio/Show location specific 

“we are the culture”


Follows the social media page of creatives as if it were your phone on instagram but in a non linear fashion. Footage will contain, skits, commercials, live podcast shows and stand up comedy.It creates the sense of a personal instagram account.


Create a multi medium platform for creatives to showcase  content from the “Atlanta culture” as if it would be digested on social media.

curated content structre


1) Before: 15 seconds

Commercials and/or Audio drops/Sound bytes


2) During: 45 seconds - 3.5 minutes

Comedian has creatively curated clips of their stand up routine.


3) After: 45 seconds - 2.5 minutes

Skits created by the culture. Highlighting talented and ambitious creators with high quality and entertaining content.


4) Other: 15 - 30 seconds

Live performances from podcasts


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