Comedy Docu Series

Virginity stories/Your first time/virginity Story

2-4 minutes. Ages 18-45 all ethnicities. Studio/story specific.  



“Guy/Girl Code” meets “Taxi Cab Confessions”. A funny transparent show where celebrities, socialites, and influencers expose their quirky first sexual escapades and hilarious lessons learned.


Virginity Stories is a concept that normalizes the otherwise apprehensive tale of your first consensual sexual encounter. The idea creates a safe and free-flowing space where one can expel upon the hysterical mishaps and folly of doing the deed.


To show how our fickle sexual experiences are universal and bizarre. Plus bring awareness to the prevention of HIV and Aids.




Before — 15 seconds

The explanation of how things come to fruition before the deed of uncanny awkward sex and how things came to be.

After — 15 seconds

They describe how they felt afterward and or if it lead to anything more.

During — 1 min  30 sec (animated on prevalent parts)

The interviewee acts out and describes in detail about how delicate and seemingly tricky situation.

Other — 15 seconds

They discuss any quirky and or interesting facts about their story.

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